MEOR Vision

Based out of Machon Yaakov in Jerusalem, MEOR Vision is an intensive three-week program of high level Torah study, Jewish education, and Jewish leadership training focused on personal character development & growth. Together with outstanding Jewish educators and lay leaders, you will delve into Talmudic discourse, acquire new skills in concentrated study of Jewish texts, and learn leadership theory and techniques. While days are packed with dynamic lectures, one-on-one learning, and traveling, the nights are filled with group discussions, free-time in Jerusalem, and a range of surprises. The Shabbats are spent both in Jerusalem and up north, incorporating specially-designed, small-group workshops and inspirational encounters.

Admission is open only to college students and graduates who have participated in the MEOR Israel program, Maimonides Fellows Leadership program, or any of the other outstanding programs which prepare the student for the next step in his Jewish development.



MEOR provides a look into Judaism that is relevant and empowering, sophisticated and energized. Let Judaism speak for itself, from texts that are wise and sensitive. Let Torah respond to your questions and curiosities. Let MEOR share its vision with you. Come and learn. Come and grow. MEOR-A little light dispels much darkness.


Abraham Scholarships

The Abraham Scholarships – the first Jewish international educational fellowships focused on identifying and nurturing future leaders of the Jewish people – were initiated to bring outstanding students from top universities throughout the United States to explore their heritage and traditions in leading yeshivot and seminaries in Israel. Due to the fact that many Jewish students have little or no contact with advanced Jewish learning, the Abraham Scholarships were designed to allow top students the opportunity to expand their experiences and knowledge of classic Jewish texts, and develop themselves to become leaders in the Jewish community. The opportunity to study in Israel, the land which serves as a source of inspiration for Jews throughout the world, creates an atmosphere where students are able to develop a familiarity with their heritage while living in the historic homeland of the Jewish People.


Sinai Retreats

Sinai Retreats is a two-week summer experience like nothing else in the world. Our unique program gives Jewish men and women from diverse backgrounds and affiliations an opportunity to explore what it really means to be Jewish. At Sinai, you will engage in a vibrant excursion through contemporary and classical Jewish thought. Perhaps even more importantly, you will take this journey in a warm, open environment that makes it easy to ask straightforward questions. There’s also plenty of time for recreation and relaxation: canoeing; swimming; tennis; basketball; baseball; hiking; volleyball; water sports; ping-pong. And that doesn’t even tell half the story.



Machon Yaakov hosts YeshivaLite during the summer and mid-winter breaks. Under direction and guidance of Rabbi Avraham Jacobowitz, one of the top leaders of Jewish outreach today, the program caters to students who seek a short term “yeshiva” experience.


Lakewood Fellowship

Within the picturesque town of Lakewood, New Jersey lies one of the world’s most prominent yeshivas, deeply committed to thousands of our most talented scholars, and to securing the continuity of our great scholarship and tradition. An unprecedented opportunity, its doors have been opened to welcome a select group of young men who have shown extraordinary promise in their universities and professional careers. They will participate in a learning program of the highest caliber and be exposed to some of American Jewry’s most sought-after educators and lay leaders.